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Please refer to the web-site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan.


Himeji city in Japan

  • About one hour west of Osaka and Kyoto.

  • Convenient access from Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto by Shinkan-sen (the bullet train)

  • SPring-8, one of the biggest SR facilities in the world is located nearby.

  • The conference will be held next to Himeji castle, a world heritage site.



The weather in November is generally excellent, with an average temperature of 11.3 degrees and rainfall on an average of 9 days.


Travel to Himeji


There are two ways to travel to Himeji by air.

1.Kansai International Airport(KIX)

International flight to Kansai International Airport (KIX), and rail from the airport to Himeji (about 2 hours).

The simplest and cheapest way from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Himeji is to use the Airport Limousine Bus.

1-1.KIX -> Himeji by using Airport Limousine Bus

The simplest and cheapest way from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Himeji.: Airport Limousine Bus.

1-2.KIX-> Shin-Osaka-> Himeji by using railway

Railway to Himeji using Shinkansen bullet train.
Please ride on Haruka express to Shin-Osaka, and transfer to Shinkansen bullet train to Himeji. There is much number of trains running.


2. Narita International Airport (NRT)

2-1.NRT->Tokyo->Himeji using Shinkansen bullet train

You can also use international flight to the Narita International Airport (NRT). In order to go to Himeji, please ride on Narita express train to Tokyo, then transfer to the Shinkansen bullet train to Himeji. Amount of time required are, Narita->Tokyo: about 1 hour, and Tokyo -> Himeji: about 4 hours. There is much number of trains running.

2-2.NRT-> Osaka Airport -> Himeji

You can also use international flight to the Narita International Airport (NRT), and a connecting domestic flight from Narita to Osaka(OSA). You can then travel on to Himeji by Airport Limousine Bus or train.
However, number of the flights for Osaka airport from Narita is limited. We do not recommend to use this path.


Walk to Egret Himeji

The conference site, Egret Himeji, is 10 minutes walk from the station.

We do not recommend the use of rental cars. Driving in Japan is not comfortable even for Japanese, because of heavy traffic jam, poor road sign, and unreasonable toll of highway. Please remember that Japan is not "a nation on the wheel" but "a nation on the rail".



100 V/60 Hz, Two-parallel-blade type connector. See figure. Please take note that the US connectors resembling this are not fully compatible in Japan.


Currency and Credit Card

The local currency is Japanese Yen (JPY). You can also pay by your credit card (Amex, VISA, Mastercard, etc) at major hotels, restaurants, and shops, and you can also use US$ in some case. But you must remind that checking by credit card is not so popular in Japan as in USA or EU. Local shops or restaurants may not accept credit cards.
We recommend all the foreign participants obtain sufficient JPY at the airport.

Tax and Tips

A consumer tax (VAT) rate is 5% in Japan, but it is included in prices.
There are no customs of tip in Japan. Instead of tip, a 10% service charge might be added in your bill at restaurants, bars or hotels.




English is the official language of the conference ( Paper and Presentation)