Call For Special Sessions

ICETET-12 invites proposal for special sessions to be held in parallel with the conference. Special session provides opportunity to update organizers participants on emerging trends in focused applications.

Papers included in the session should be by invitation are subjected to review by minimum 3 reviewers. The special session chairs will recommend minimum 4 papers. On received, the finalized list of accepted papers from the special session chairs, the program committee will allow the authors for final submissions. If number of papers are less than 4, then it will be accommodated in regular session.

The interested professors for organizing special session should send an email with the following information to special session chair.


Subject: [ICETET12 SS proposal]

1 stating area (session title)
2 organizers (name, affiliation, and email)
3 reviewers (name, affiliation, and email)
4 list of papers (tentative title, author names, affiliations, and corresponding author information)


Proposal Deadline - May 07, 2012

Special Session Chair - Manabu NII
e-mail - nii@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp

Following Sessions are approved so far:-

Biomedical engineering and informatics
     Prof. Hata (hata@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)

Biomedical Informatics Inspired by Natural Computing
     Prof. Kamiura(kamiura@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)

Human sensing devices
     Prof. Maenaka(maenaka@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)
     Prof. Fujita(fujita@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)
     Prof. Kanda(kanda@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)
     Prof. Saiki(saiki@hyogo-kg.go.jp)

Nursing-care applications

Simulation and High Performance Computing for Healthcare and Environmental Management
     Prof. Kuramoto(kuramoto@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)

Research on Human Factors to Prevent Marine Accidents (2 sessions)
     Prof. Mitomo(haraki@nmri.go.jp)

Piezoelectric related microdevices and applications
     Prof. Yamashita(yamashita.kaoru@kit.ac.jp)
     Prof. Fujita(fujita@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)

Energy harvester
     Prof. Fujita(fujita@eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp)

Undersea Systems
     Prof. Arima(arima@marine.osakafu-u.ac.jp)

Soft Computing tools for analysing Non linear System
     Dr. Smriti Srivastav




English is the official language of the conference ( Paper and Presentation)